The meaning of education is to guide, support and encourage others to find their own answers… in order to grow, to mature and achieve their potential. Education invites us to start an adventure that weaves the linen of dreams.

This partnership is about an intrepid and brave group of schools from different European countries who have taken up the challenge to promote the sense of inquisitiveness in their students, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and understanding it as a fundamental competence for their personal and professional development.

A strategic partnership KA202 was awarded to encourage cooperation between institutions and to exchange good practice and innovative ideas. The Project was developed between West Lothian College, Livingston, Scotland (UK), ACTA Centre, Oradea, Romania, Aranasgymnasiet, Kungsbacka, Sweden, Samandira Teknik ve Endüstri Melek Lisesi, Istanbul, Turkey and Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Santa Lucía, Vecindario, Spain, the project called EU-preneurs,. This Project is possible thanks to the Erasmus+ programme which supports the Education, Training, Youth and Sports as promoted by the European Commission.