Project Summary

    The basics of this project arise from our teaching experience with vocational students. There is a general problem in the student population surrounding a tangible lack of initiative. This has been compounded by the current economic situation. We are impacted by the economic crisis and its effects on every sector. The main adverse effect for the Vocational Education Training sector is the high rate of unemployment, especially in young people. Whether the current situation is an excuse for the apathy  of many students regarding their employability and professional future or not, this lack of initiative has led to a situation where many students across Europe sit waiting for a call from a job instead of using their initiative to make a living.

    A  thorough diagnosis of regular classes shows a situation with differing case studies: There are passive students with no proactivity, but also talented and bright, proactive students with a lack of competence. There are entrepreneurial teachers, and others, with a lack of competence, specific methodology and teaching materials for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not systematically integrated to regular curricula as a transversal subject. Learners lack opportunity to present innovative ideas and restricted finance presents additional barriers. Some teachers take a dated view (book-keeping, balance sheets) but entrepreneurship is much more. The system rewards students knowledge of theory instead of their talent and dynamism, innovation and creativity. In short, the Entrepreneurial spirit. Working to resolve this situation comes EU-PRENEURS. 

    The Project aims to incubate and promote the entrepreneurial spirit in students.  We will develop curriculum which will stimulate creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. Measures include the development of specific lessons, incorporating actions on entrepreneurship transversally into different subjects of the regular curriculum. The model for entrepreneurship will work across curricula as a subject in its own right. The way forward will depend on each partner and educational system, curriculum, etc. One of the main objectives in the project will be to create a set of strategies and educational tools  from which a model for entrepreneurship can be constituted and integrated to regular curricula in order to achieve entrepreneurial students. 

    The teaching strategies will flow from an analysis of regular curricula, experience and good practice from all partners, from the experience of relevant entrepreneurs and multicultural debate. Teaching strategies will be clear, specific and easy to implement.

    Applying these strategies to students implies a careful observation of results, analysis of impact, and a wide campaign to promote creative ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit of students. This campaign and its results will be another pillar of this project, evidencing its effectiveness, teaching strategies, and providing an expression of young entrepreneurship. 

    Youth unemployment is a major issue across the whole of the EU and Schools, Colleges, Governments, Governmental Organisations and NGOs are working together to improve the outlook for Europe's future workforce. The Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan is built on three main pillars: 

    1. Entrepreneurial education and training 

    2. Creation of an environment where entrepreneurs can flourish and grow, and 

    3. Developing role models and reaching out to specific groups whose entrepreneurial potential is not being tapped to its fullest extent or who are not reached by traditional outreach for business support. 

    This project was brought about by the requirement to work towards generating results which will contribute in a transversal manner towards the achievement of this action plan. 

    The EU-Preneurs project has the potential to transform the way Entrepreneurship is fostered through the Education System.

     Educational partners from across Europe will unite in output-driven activity to build capacity to support Entrepreneurship and to develop curriculum.

    Partners are from every corner of Europe.  We  are aware of  importance of working in a team, and are committed to the project and its goals and responsible for the success of the whole project. Partners are committed to young entrepreneurs in Europe. 

   We all are committed with EU-PRENEURS...