Teaching and training activities for teachers at teachers' meetings and Work Camps provided forums for discussion and exchange of experiences.  Benefits are derived from knowing the vision of experts from various professional fields, sharing the experience of established entrepreneurs and self-made people. We have created an educational model for entrepreneurship and a set of educational strategies to implement in our schools. This is as a testing laboratory transferable across the educational world. 

Each activity was a brainstorm and a space for debate, looking to awaken the innovative spirit in students, to train young and proactive people to be able to find resources to manage in any environment and fend for themselves.

We was aware that partner schools from very different countries and cultural backgrounds have interesting experiences, organisational models and management systems to share with others. This diversity enriches us. Also we wanted to know educational systems and models of each country, highlighting the potential of each. From analysis of the different educational and curricular models, we established the best way to integrate different teaching strategies for entrepreneurship in the daily work at school.

The participation of students in work camps was focus on workshops for the development and implementation of ideas, about possibilities offered by the labour market, the resources offered by administrations and institutions for business management to young entrepreneurs, models for funding and application examples.

Students was benefited from the experiences and suggestions of established entrepreneurs, who showed them the importance of showing critical, restless and innovative spirit to everyday activities.

Participating students were the authors of the winning ideas in local campaigns for proposals. They are a sample of students with initiative, we wanted them to present their winning ideas and the creation process,  and explain to us their idea for entrepreneurship. These students were examples of young people who have improved their entrepreneurial competence.