The overall evaluation took place continuously throughout the project development process. In this area the overall project management and coordination were evaluated, also operation of tasks and responsibilities assigned to partners, monitoring processes, deadlines set in the timeline and results to be produced at all times.
This evaluation took place in the frame of the steering committee, from observation, discussion and analysis of results, and from this debate arise the appropriate corrective actions. To make possible evaluation debates between meetings, we used fast communication channels (email, whatsapp) that let us a smooth and effective discussion.

Our Evaluation Plan also aimed to assess contents, activities, organisation and results of each transnational project meeting and the international Work Camps (teaching and training activities). This process was focused on students and staff involved in every meeting or mobility. We believed that the appropriate tool for evaluation of a meeting is a questionnaire on issues related to the organisation, activities and results, and the best time to do this was exactly the last day of each meeting or mobility. In the case of Work Camps, students and teachers had different model of questionnaire, since the programme was different and had different activities and different results. The report on the conclusions drawn from these questionnaires, was discussed by the steering committee for analysis and proposals of corrective actions.